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It has almost been a couple of months since I last posted. So lets start with the driving. I have passed my theory test, scoring 49 out of 50 on the multple choice part. My practical lessons are going well at the moment, but lets not jinx this. My practical test is booked for the 3rd October, but I may need to change it depending on how I progress. I love driving, I think its so fun. I am proud to say that I can actually drive a car, just not legally.

I am still training for Run to the Beat on Septemebr 14th. Training is not going well, I am losing motivation and I really thought I was fitter than I am. I have stopped smoking again to see how this helps. I am looking forward to the event, I just don’t think it will be my personal best. My body is a bit of a mess at the moment. It is a really busy time at the moment for me so I am really trying to eat healthy and keep exercising otherwise I may have a breakdown.

My boyfriend has moved in with me at my family home. This is just temporary though so it doesn’t feel like ‘we have moved in together’. Having decided he does not want to follow a legal career route he has been training to join the police force. He wasn’t informed of which borough he would be based in until his lease was up so he coundn’t find a new place in time. He has been busy searching for apartments and had a couple of viewings, so if all goes to plan he may have his own place again within a few weeks. But I am slightly stressed about this because I like to spend most of my time alone, and I don’t really have anywhere that I can retreat to at the moment.

I am going to Serbia on the 27th August with my mum and one of my younger brothers (yes my boyfirend will be staying at home, he starts his new job on the 26th). It has been 3 years since I last went to Serbia and I really miss it. I hope I get to relax and to catch up with friends and family. Hope the weather is good too, there have been lots of thunderstorms there but its too cold in London for August.

Actually I will tell you a little story. I don’t think I have ever mentioned this on tumblr, but the last time I went to Serbia I kissed my mum’s bestfirend’s son. His name is Nikola, and he is a year older than me. We have known eachother our entire lives. But he didn’t really ever speak to me much, he just hung out with my brothers and stared at me as if I was an alien everytime I spoke. It was the best kiss I have ever had. He’s an amazing kisser. I have to give him all the credit because before that I had only every had drunken, slobery kisses with strangers or losers from school. I had just turned 18. It was a boiling day and our families had driven up to the mountains to his auntie’s house to spend the day. My brothers hadn’t come to Serbia that time so I had him to myself. He knew I smoked, but my mother didn’t, so we snuck off. We were talking, smoking and drinking wine by the stream that flows down the mountain. It is one of my nicest memories. Eventually we left the stream and sat on a log in a meadow further up the mountain. He asked if he could kiss me. I said no. Haha god I remember how frightened I was and I kicked myself for saying no because I had been wanting to kiss him for days. We had been out the night before with his friend Marko and a girl that Nikola was seeing. I thought it was his girlfriend. I was frustrated when they kissed in front me and I guess that was just an obvious sign that I liked him. Anyway that was the night before. We spent the day and night trying to sneak kisses so nobody would find out. I didn’t want my mum to find out because she didn’t really approve of him and I was leaving for London the next day. He came to see me before I left for the airport and kept asking me to stay. But I couldn’t. I had my flights booked. I couldn’t stay longer, a short summer fling wouldn’t justify the cost and hassle. So I left and went on with my life. I don’t think a day has gone by where I haven’t thought of him. I don’t know whether leaving was a mistake or not. Then I started university and I met my wonderful boyfriend. Now here we are 3 years later. My mum told me he has a girlfirend of two years that he seems very happy with. I just wonder how things will be when we see eachother. If we see eachother. He probably won’t care. I hope he doesn’t. I mean, I hope we can just get a long as friends and its not awkward.

Back to the update, I have accepted my place to study the LPC at the University of Law this September. I am stressing over loans, part time jobs and trying to afford it. Anyway, the first term begins on the 15th September. This is going to be a stressful month.

Debi is doing well, she seems to be back to ‘normal’ and just getting on with life. She is planning to go back to univeristy next year and finish off her degree. Until then she will start driving lessons again, try find a temporary job and just enjoy the cancer perks she gets from her charity. I am so happy for her.

This was a very long post, I doubt anyone will read it. Ciao xxx

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